First Aid and Emergency app

First Aid and Emergency app

  • An app for anyone wanting information on how to deal with common first aid and emergency situations – we provide a brief summary of this app.

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First Aid & Emergency app By New Zealand Red Cross


  • Education and information.
  • Contact info for emergencies.
  • Videos.
Country of origin New Zealand
Security and privacy

Read more about safety and security when using apps.

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Staying safe online(external link) Netsafe, NZ

Cost Free
How to get the app

The app, created by the NZ Red Cross, is a useful source of information for everyday first aid and common emergency situations such as choking, asthma attack, head injury, heart attack. For emergency scenarios, the app provides brief information on how to manage the situation step-by-step, and allows you to call local emergency numbers from the app. Some scenarios have a short video on what to do and how to do it.  For anyone wanting to learn first aid, the app has a learn section and a test section. The app also has a useful section on how to prepare for some common emergency situations such as earthquakes.

For the complete app description, go to the app website(external link), Google Play(external link) or App Store(external link), or, for a more detailed review, see reviews below.

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Once downloaded, no internet access is needed.

Easy, simple to understand information.

The videos are clear, short and to the point.  

For people traveling overseas, the app notifies you of the local emergency contact information and key phrases in the local language that may be useful in an emergency. 

Information is current and updated regularly for example the section on Zika virus has the Ministry of Health recommendations.

The checklist display is very helpful as a reminder of what to do.

The icons indicating the separate sections are not intuitive especially for use in an emergency.

Could not easily find information on how to do CPR.

All videos and written information is in English. Would be useful to have information available in other common languages in NZ such as Maori and Chinese.

Some of the medical terms may be difficult to understand such as anaphylaxis.

A useful feature in an emergency would be the ability to search on a term such as choking, rather than having to figure out where the info is housed in the app.

The following resources provide more detailed information:

First Aid App(external link) NZ Red Cross


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