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Note: This app appears to no longer be available in the New Zealand app stores.

An app aimed at anyone wanting to improve their physical activity.

Fat Burning & Weight Loss app By Healthy body apps
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  • Guided relaxation
  • Education and information

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Clinical review

Four out of five stars


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What does the app do?

This app provides exercise and fitness videos for the user to follow. It is suitable for motivated, healthy adults who want to exercise at home, and ideally have some knowledge of exercise. The app contains a variety of workouts, filmed in real time which is helpful in understanding how each exercise should be performed. For a more detailed description of the app, see Google Play(external link).




✔  The app has a range of different exercises

✔  The real-time filming of the exercises is helpful to understand how each exercise is done.

✔  The app also indicates the duration of each exercise.

✔  Social media connectivity.

✔  Visual representation on what each exercise should look like/how it is performed.

✔  Simple, user-friendly app.

✘  There are no exercise instructions accompanying each video, and there is no indication of the level and intensity of the exercise.

✘  The user is unable to tailor the videos for participant level e.g. easy/moderate/hard.

✘  There is no reminder or notification function as a prompt to do the exercises.

Privacy and security

The app is not password protected. Users do not need to log on. No personal information such as name and email address is collected via the app. Read more about things you can do to improve your safety and security when using apps.

Review details

Date of review: July 2015
Platform reviewed: Android
App version: 3.01
Download size: 0.386 MB (Videos downloaded as you view them)


Clinical review

Four out of five stars

Reviewer: Dietitian App Review Working Group, Auckland DHB
Date of review: July 2015
: There is no nutrition element to this app. The exercise videos do not have instructions. Would be most effective for people who have some knowledge of different exercises and how to complete them safely.   
New Zealand relevance: Acceptable for a New Zealand audience.

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