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What does the app do?

DARE app provides a series of audio tracks designed to help those suffering from anxiety including panic attacks, health anxiety, insomnia and generalised worry. Users may be able to learn strategies to cope better with worry and anxiety, reduce frequency of panic attacks and improve sleep.

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✔ Good educational information about panic and anxiety provided in audio format which will be useful for those who prefer to learn in this way.

✔ Contains information about techniques from cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) and acceptance and commitment therapy approaches to anxiety.

✔ Reassuring and encouraging audio tracks.

✔ Contains useful guided relaxation and breathing audios.

✘ Based on the book DARE, a method for coping with anxiety which borrows strategies from both acceptance and commitment therapy and cognitive behavioural therapy, but does not have an evidence base supporting it as a whole treatment.

✘ Although the DARE steps seem very useful and align well with acceptance and commitment therapy strategies, exercises to practise these steps are not taught by the app.

✘ Limited content in free version.

✘ Some audio tracks for use during anxiety attacks guide the listener through a series of steps but these appear to somewhat contradict the main methodology of the DARE steps (eg, use relaxation to calm body instead of “running towards” anxiety step; eg, tell self “I’m excited” rather than defuse the worry about symptoms ).

✘ Provides content to reassure users but this is not a recommended treatment for anxiety and, in some cases, can maintain an anxiety disorder.

✘ Use of audio tracks to manage panic attacks repeatedly may maintain anxiety by becoming a “safety behaviour” in themselves rather than helping people to develop their own coping strategies and feel truly safe in the face of anxiety.

Review details

  • April 2022, Version 6.16.6, Android

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