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An app for people who have suffered a concussion, and their coaches or others who are involved in their care.
Concussion Tracker By Complete Concussion Management Inc.
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What does the app do?

Concussion Tracker app provides assessment, information and advice for people who have suffered a concussion. There are different options within the app for athletes or patients and for coaches or trainers of teams. The app aims to support communication between sports, schools, parents and healthcare practitioners, so that everyone is up to date when a concussion occurs.

For athletes or patients

The app provides the ability to complete a baseline test (neurocognitive testing). Users can then lodge a concussion after it has happened and the app will provide rehabilitation recommendations. Users can be connected in with a clinician (under the CCMI network). The tracking feature of the app is very helpful. It allows users to complete a standardised neurocognitive test, which can be tracked over time. This feature would give the most value if it can be done pre and post-concussion. However, if that was not possible, there could still be some value in this test repeated after concussion to track recovery. Reports are shown both in data form and in graphs. 

For coaches or trainers

The app provides the ability to create team lists, report suspected injuries and perform basic sideline concussion assessments. This will create a baseline measure for each athlete in the team, allowing them to report symptoms and to allow the athlete to complete testing after a concussion, to compare with initial tests, giving a good indication of stage of recovery.

For health practitioners

The training for health practitioners for this specific programme runs separately to the app and involves a programme for medical 12 lectures, and up to 60 hours of video-based learning ($1999 for medical professionals). It is recognised as a high value programme.

For the complete app description, go to the app website(external link), Google Play(external link), App Store(external link) or, for a more detailed review, see Reviews.


✔ Excellent tool for sports teams, and athletes to perform a basic level of neurocognitive testing.

✔ Great education around concussion- including fact sheets and videos.

✔ Excellent way of tracking neurocognitive progress.

✔ Ability to flag when face-to-face visits are needed.

✘ High screen tolerance needed for use.

✘ Testing focuses on neurocognitive and psychological wellbeing. These are very important areas, but not exhaustive (users with balance issues, or cervical issues may still have the need to seek input, which may not display on the app).

Review details

Date of review: September 2022
Platform reviewed: Android 
Version: 3.3.0

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