COVID-19 vaccines overview

Key points about COVID-19 vaccines 

  • Here you can find the answers to common questions about getting the COVID-19 vaccine.
  • Vaccination can help reduce the risk of getting COVID-19 again and passing it on.
  • It also reduces the chances of you becoming very ill and ending up in hospital. 
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There are many ways to book your vaccine:

  • Contact your GP clinic.
  • Website: To make an appointment, go to Book My Vaccine(external link) 
  • Phone: Call the COVID Vaccination Healthline on 0800 28 29 26 8am–8pm, 7 days a week. You can ask for an interpreter if you need one.
  • If you speak a Pacific language: You can phone the Pacific COVID Vaccination Healthline on 0800 21 12 21.
  • Find a vaccination centre near you: Use the interactive map on the Karawhiua website to find a vaccination centre near you ( link))

Read more about booking your COVID-19 vaccination.(external link) 

The Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine is the preferred vaccine in Aotearoa New Zealand. Read more about the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine. 

The other COVID-19 vaccine available in Aotearoa New Zealand is Novavax COVID-19 vaccine.

Note: The COVID-19 AstraZeneca vaccine is no longer available in New Zealand.

Yes, people with underlying health conditions, including people with weak immune systems (immunocompromised) can get the COVID-19 vaccine. Read more about vaccine advice if you have a health condition.(external link) 

Yes, it is strongly recommended to get the COVID vaccine if you have already had COVID – complete your primary course (for most people, this is 2 doses) and get your booster. 

  • Vaccination can help reduce the risk of getting COVID-19 again and passing it on. It also reduces the chances of you becoming very ill and ending up in hospital.
  • Being vaccinated provides better protection than any immunity you might get from being infected with the virus and can also help protect you from new variants of COVID-19. 

In this video, Tū Pakari, Tū Taha – Tangata Whaiora hesitant about the COVID-19 vaccine, Chloe Fergusson-Tibble talks about getting the COVID-19 vaccination and the importance for Māori.

(Te Whatu Ora | Health Promotion, 2022)  

For other reliable and accurate information about COVID-19 vaccines see:

Karawhiua(external link) A COVID-19 campaign for whānau, hapū, iwi and Māori communities, Te Puni Kōkiri (Ministry for Māori Development), NZ
COVID-19 vaccination rollout for Northland and Auckland(external link) The Immunisation Advisory Centre, NZ, 2021
Getting vaccinated for COVID-19(external link) The Immunisation Advisory Centre, NZ
Covid-19 education(external link) The Immunisation Advisory Centre, NZ
COVID-19 vaccine planning(external link) Ministry of Health, NZ
COVID-19 therapeutic products – questions and answers(external link) Medsafe, NZ
COVID-19 vaccination information for Pasifika(external link) Dr Nini Prescott on TikTok

Videos about COVID-19 vaccines, including people explaining why they are getting the COVID-19 vaccine to protect themselves and their whānau.

Straight Up with Dr Lily Fraser – Pakeke

(Ministry of Health, NZ, 2021)

Watch the rest of the video series here(external link).


Getting your COVID-19 vaccination

(Northern Region Health Coordination Centre, NZ, 2021)


Ka kite, COVID.

(Unite Against COVID-19, NZ, 2021)


Dr Emma Espiner and Dr Api Talemaitoga answer your COVID-19 vaccine questions

(Unite against COVID-19, NZ, 2021)


Do you have a long-term medical condition and are concerned about getting the Pfizer vaccine?

Gerardine Clifford-Lidstone, the Director Pacific Health for the Ministry of Health, has a long-term medical condition. Gerardine shares her story and what made her decide to get the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine.

(Positively Pacific, NZ, 2021)


Vaccinating an Auckland border worker and his family

(Unite Against COVID-19, NZ, 2021)


Dr Api at the Pasifika Festival

(Ministry of Health, NZ, 2021)


NZ vaccine facts series

Episode 1 – COVID-19 and why vaccinations are important.

(Unite against COVID-19, NZ, 2021)

Watch the rest of the video series here.(external link)

Getting your COVID-19 vaccine: what to expect(external link) Ministry of Health, NZ, 2021
How to book your free COVID-19 vaccine appointments(external link) Unite against COVID-19 and Ministry of Health, NZ, 2021
Protecting whānau from COVID-19 factsheet [PDF, 791 KB] Te Puni Kōkiri, NZ, 2021
The manaakitanga journey [PNG, 278 KB] Ministry of Health and Unite against COVID-19, NZ, 2021 
After your COVID-19 immunisation(external link) Ministry of Health, NZ, 2022 (external link)



covid vaccine what to expect

Getting your COVID-19 vaccine: what to expect

Ministry of Health, NZ, 2021

protecting whanau is what we do

manaakitanga journey

The manaakitanga journey

Ministry of Health and Unite against COVID-19, NZ, 2021

Free helplines

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