Clinical review

: Dr Peter Ou, GP, FRNZCGP, Auckland
Date of review: November 2021
Comments: Whitu app was created to support mental wellbeing during a pandemic (covid-19). The app guide users through a series of modules that teaches the importance of recognising ones’ emotions and provide accompanying exercises to improve and support these emotions for a better mental health state. The app is designed to help users through a pandemic, however is also applicable for use outside of those settings. It is most useful for those that feel over-whelmed or stressed in their current situation, suffering from symptoms of depression, anxiety, loneliness or are affected by the pandemic. Users can progress through the app modules, support their day-today well-being by recognising their feelings and gaining tools to manage and improve their emotions.
Overall, Whitu is an effective and visually appealing app that introduces users to the importance of mental wellbeing and evidence based tools and exercises to maintain this. See results of a pilot study here.(external link)
Safety concerns
: None.
New Zealand relevance: Made specifically for NZ users in a culturally appropriate way. NZ support services are integrated into the app (e.g. Lifeline and Youthline).
Coping Skills Mobile App to Support the Emotional Well-Being of Young People During the COVID-19 Pandemic: Protocol for a Mixed Methods Study(external link) JMIR Res Protoc 2020;9(10):e23716
Pilot study of a well-being app to support New Zealand young people during the COVID-19 pandemic(external link) Internet Interventions 26 (2021) 100464

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