Clinical review


Reviewer: Frances Arenhold, Registered Dietitian
Date of review: February 2023
Platform: Android
Version: 1.0.9
Comments: This app should be used with caution as it has potential to cause harm. Although it has a nice look and is intuitive, the assessment is based on limited data and the meal plan solutions are limited for New Zealand users. The tone of the assessment report is abrupt and has the potential to cause unhelpful concern or distress to users.
Safety concerns: The app provides advice based on limited insight into a child’s lifestyle. The tone of the messaging in the app could be detrimental to the child and caregiver on their weight management journey.
Users should consult a dietitian or other health professional if they have concerns about their child’s lifestyle.
New Zealand relevance: No, the app has some abrupt content which is not consistent with the mana-enhancing approach most suitable for caregivers and children with lifestyle challenges.
Concerns: The app has the potential to provide advice based on limited assessment which could misguide caregivers on how to best support their child on the weight management journey.