In-depth reviews of the Well Revolution app.

User review

 Member of the public, Auckland, October 2020 
Comments: Great service, immediate response & great communication. Had to wait for an appt for a couple of weeks but really needed to get to see a Dr sooner. Great result & this is a much quicker way to get what you need. Easy! 

Clinical review

For patients

For doctors

: Dr Jeremy Steinberg, GP 
Date of review: May 2020
Comments: Asynchronous consultations (rather than real-time) between patients and their GP are new to the New Zealand context. However, many doctors will already be familiar with the concept through the electronic request for advice service between GP and non-GP specialist. I think that service has been shown to be quite successful with enhancing accessibility and flexibility, and I believe it may do the same when it is done between GP and patient. Asynchronicity has many advantages over real-time consulting, but the app allows the doctor to convert the consultation to real time if required through a video or audio call.
I was extremely impressed with this app. They have taken on an absolute mammoth task and have already accomplished a lot over their 2 years of development. Doctors and patients should give this app a good look, but some may choose to wait until further features are implemented, particularly practice management software (PMS) integration, differential charging and a desktop or web browser app.
Safety concerns: None
New Zealand relevance: Developed in New Zealand for New Zealanders.    

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