Clinical review

: Chris Lawrence, Community Physiotherapist
Date of review: September 2023
Platform: Android
Version: 3.7.16 (updated 6/9/23)
Comments: Overall, this is a good app for tracking multiple aspects of health. If you are just interested in tracking steps, heart rate and sleep quality, this would likely be best achieved by using the automatic functions that connect to a step counting watch (eg, a Fitbit or Garmin Connect).
However – if you are looking for more detailed tracking, including mood, current pain levels, and a variety of more specific tracking categories, this is a great app to use.
The medication function has a limited applicability in a NZ context, but otherwise works well in NZ.

Safety concernsThere are no safety concerns with this app – it really is an interface to track data.
New Zealand relevance: Yes. Generally, the app is applicable to New Zealand users. The one area where it is not would be in the medication section. Users will find the trade names for medications to be different to the ones they would commonly use in NZ. For example, I was unable to choose Panadol or paracetamol on the large list of medications.

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Reviewed by: Chris Lawrence, Community Physiotherapist

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