Reviews: VetChange app

In-depth reviews of the VetChange app.

Clinical review

Reviewer: Dr Peter Ou, GP and Clinical Editor, Auckland Regional HealthPathways
Date of review: April 2021
Comments: VetChange app helps users to decide if it is time to change drinking habits, to set drinking reduction goals and to track progress. It can help educate users about situations that trigger drinking and how to cope with stress, anger and sleep problems, which are common issues that coexist with alcohol abuse. There are tools built into the app that helps motivate users to make a change. This is a well designed, interactive and intuitive app that can help users manage their alcohol consumption and common psychological issues that coexist with alcohol overuse.    
Safety concerns: None.
New Zealand relevance: Although the title and theme of the app targets veterans and military service members, other users who are struggling with alcohol or mood issues relating to alcohol can find this app useful. 
Note: The app calculates beverage volumes in ounces, which New Zealand users may be less familiar with. The support services suggested in the app are not available to NZ users.      

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