Clinical review

: Dr Rachael Taylor, PhD, MAud, PGDipSci, BSc, MNZAS. Research Fellow and Vestibular Audiologist, the University of Auckland, Department of Physiology.
Vanessa Simpson BHSc (Physiotherapy), NZRP. Senior Vestibular and Neurological Physiotherapist and Educator. Owner of Vertigo Balance Clinic.
Tania Linford MNZAS, BSc, Maud, PGDip Couns. Senior Clinical Audiologist. Owner and operator of Tinnitus Relief Limited.
Date of review: June 2023
Platform: Apple
Version: 1.0.1
Comments: Vertigo Coach app is a useful tool to support patients who have seen a medical professional and have been diagnosed with a vestibular dysfunction. It has been developed to support doctors in giving specific and appropriate exercises to patients with a diagnosed vestibular disorder, to assist them visually in performing the exercises. The exercises are not suitable for people with BPPV or Meniere’s disease.

Overall, there are some limitations but generally the advice is sound and the app is user-friendly.
Note: It is essential that vertigo, dizziness and other balance disorders are properly and fully assessed and diagnosed by a medical professional or specialist, and their advice is followed, prior to users attempting to use vertigo apps.

Safety concerns: None. 
The user has to agree to terms and conditions prior to using the app, which includes a statement that the app is intended for informational purposes only, and is not to replace professional medical advice.
It also states “Follow your doctor or pharmacist’s instructions. If in doubt, please seek medical advice.”
It would be good if there was a bit more in the introduction/ information section advising the app user to discuss with their specialist which exercises should be included and how often they should be reviewed according to progress.

New Zealand relevance: Yes, but is only available in English.