Clinical review

: Dr Rachael Taylor, PhD, MAud, PGDipSci, BSc, MNZAS. Research Fellow and Vestibular Audiologist, the University of Auckland, Department of Physiology.
Vanessa Simpson BHSc (Physiotherapy), NZRP. Senior Vestibular and Neurological Physiotherapist and Educator. Owner of Vertigo Balance Clinic.
Tania Linford MNZAS, BSc, Maud, PGDip Couns. Senior Clinical Audiologist. Owner and operator of Tinnitus Relief Limited.
Date of review: June 2023
Platform: Android
Version: 2.0.0
Comments: Insufficient information has been given in the app about its intended purpose for exercises that may help with BPPV rather than other vertigo disorders. The app may be useful for users who have received a diagnosis from a healthcare professional or specialist, who have approved the app as suitable for that individual, however, it should be used with caution as the Brandt Daroff exercise is not a recommended treatment.
The app is limited to exercises that may help with BPPV but the app does not state this.
The app includes the Brandt Daroff exercises which are not a recommended treatment for BPPV.
The Epley manoeuvre is not demonstrated with 100% accuracy.
This app would only be recommended for someone who has already sought medical attention and has received an appropriate diagnosis and explanation of posterior canal BPPV. It might be useful as an adjunct (recommended by a clinician) for home treatment for those cases where the person is prone to recurrence (and the clinician has ruled out other mimics).
There is no advice to seek further medical attention if the manoeuvres fail to fix the problem or if there are other ear or neurological symptoms. Users should seek medical attention for a diagnosis.
Please note: It is essential that vertigo, dizziness and other balance disorders are properly and fully assessed and diagnosed by a medical professional or specialist, and their advice is followed, prior to users attempting to use vertigo apps.
Safety concerns: Yes. The manoeuvres presented in the app may induce (or make worse) vertigo and dizziness during the movement; (ie particularly for some types of vertigo such as vestibular migraine); however there do not appear to be any warnings on the app that this may occur, or recommendations to perform them under supervision.
The guided manoeuvres are only suitable for benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV) involving the posterior semicircular canal, and not other types or causes of vertigo, however this does seem to be clearly stated on the app.
The Brandt-Daroff exercise is not a recommend treatment for BPPV as it is not effective or supported by the International Best Practice Guidelines.
The app does not appear to contain advice to seek further medical attention if the manoeuvres fail to fix the problem or if there are other ear or neurological symptoms.

New Zealand relevance: Yes; but only available in English.