In-depth reviews of the uv2Day app.

Clinical review

Reviewer: Angela Lambie, Pharmacist
Date of review
December 2023
Comments: It is useful for people who are interested in knowing the UV index at their location so they can be prepared if they are going outside during periods of high UV and reduce skin damage from the sun.
Safety concerns: None
New Zealand relevance: Yes    

Clinical review

Reviewer: Brendon McIntosh, Community Pharmacist, Māori Pharmacist Association
Date of review
December 2017
Comments: Very basic app. Not very aesthetically pleasing but it gets the job done in regards to having up to date UVI readings. The explanation about UVI is very good and easy to understand.  Useful for any Kiwi planning on being outdoors this summer. Great that it has local region and town-specific info.
The fact that it doesn’t have temperature is a big plus as it stops people thinking that the temperature affects the intensity/burn factor. It could be a cool day but the UVI could still indicate a need for sun protection so it is good in this aspect. This app is very useful in the Community Pharmacy setting. It would be a good value-add conversation to have with people coming in and buying sunscreen 
Safety concerns: None. As the info comes directly from NIWA it is pretty reliable.
New Zealand relevance: Very relevant    

User review

Reviewer: Kathryn, Palmerston North, NZ 
Date of review: February 2018
Comments: "Easy to understand, quick guide. Anyone can use. It's a 'must have' on your phone."

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