Note: This app appears to no longer be available in the New Zealand app stores.

In-depth reviews of the Urticaria Xplained app.

Clinical review

Reviewer: Angela Lambie, Pharmacist, Waitematā DHB
Date of review: January 2021
Comments: This app provides an illustrated story of a person with chronic spontaneous urticaria (hives) and how they have managed their condition. The personal account might help some people better understand urticaria and how another person has managed their condition. It does not include specific recommended treatments or services as such, but an account of someone else’s experience with the condition. The user’s account includes a visit to an immunologist which may not be accessible in all regions.
Safety concerns: No, there is some treatment advice mentioned, but in the context of another person’s experience.
New Zealand relevance: Suitable for a New Zealand audience.    

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