In-depth reviews of the Togetherall app.

Clinical review

Reviewer: Arna Letica, GP
Date of review: March 2021
Comments: This online resource is aimed at people experiencing mild to moderate mental health symptoms. It offers a comprehensive range of resources including online chats, creative tools, self-guided courses and information sections. It would be useful for people wishing to gain more knowledge, insight and skills relating to their mental health, as well as allowing them to connect with other people who may be having similar experiences. This online resource can be used in conjunction with support from healthcare professionals.

Overall, this online resource is a fantastic collection of tools and information. I found this website to be very ‘adaptable’, giving users a broad range of options depending on their preferences. The guidance provided is accessible, evidence-based and helpful. The ability to interact with well-moderated online communities is a definite plus, particularly given the ongoing constraints on availability of funded mental health services despite this being an area of such high demand.
Safety concerns: None. This online resource has good safety processes in place – specifying it is not intended for individuals in an emergency and being staffed 24/7 by online trained Wall Guides.
New Zealand relevance: Yes. New Zealand contact numbers in case of emergency are provided, with links to local websites of support services.

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