In-depth reviews of the Thinkability app.

Clinical review

Reviewer: Dr Helen Kenealy, geriatrician and general physician, Counties Manukau DHB
Date of review: May 2020
Comments: This app has activities to get you talking to each other. It gives easy conversation starters and activities which are beneficial for both parties. You can choose from a variety of activities. The food one is very pictorial, ie, image based, such as choose 3 green vegetables, then asks a question like how would you use them. The events tab takes you through a major world event such as the Berlin Wall and how did its fall affect Germany. The activities are timed to encourage you to spend half an hour engaging. The activities usually include 2 levels. There are enough activities to keep you going to many visits.
Safety concerns: No
New Zealand relevance: Yes – relevant to New Zealand users. 

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