In-depth reviews of The Village app.

Clinical review

Reviewer: Jasmine Murphy, Registered Psychologist, Private Practice
Date of review: October 2022
Platform: Apple
Version: 1.0.4
Comments: The Village is an app for youth, young adults and whānau members wanting to stay connected to family members they may be worried about. Users know that they can access support as they need it from their selected ‘buddies’. In addition, the app has useful information to manage their own mental health difficulties, and tips to support their ‘buddies and provides links to relevant support services in NZ (directly) such as Youth line, Mental Health Foundation, 1737 and Māori Health providers.

Overall, the app is a very practical and user-friendly way to support others to stay connected and provides a platform to ‘check-in’ on their own mental health and that of their ‘buddies. Non-confrontational way to provide support via technology with relevant links to other NZ support services if needed.
Safety concerns: No
New Zealand relevance: Yes – designed and developed in NZ so relevant to New Zealand users. 

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