In-depth reviews of the Tapuaki app.
Note: This app appears to no longer be available in the New Zealand app stores.

Clinical review

Two out of five stars

: Jeremy Tuohy, Researcher & Clinician, University of Auckland
Date of review: May 2017
Comment: The app is designed for Pacifica, especially Tongan women who have found out they are pregnant.
It  has very basic information about who to contact and some basic information about general health issues in pregnancy such as smoking and nutrition. The app gives almost no information about any medical issues but does have a glossary for pregnancy related words and there is a page giving translations for some common words. However the website is in English and does not have a language selection option for the whole app.  
Safety concerns: Yes - the app appears to be sponsored by a private company, 'Bounty'. The information in the app is very basic and the links to other organisations will require constant supervision and updating. There is a disclaimer stating that the app is not meant to replace medical care. 
New Zealand relevance: The app is relevant to Pacifica users and in view of the very low rates of uptake of healthcare resources in this population the app is at least aimed at a group that really need help, but it is of limited value to anyone outside of Auckland. I tried to see if they app would give me non-Auckland contacts if I said I lived in another city but it just kept freezing on me and I gave up after about 10 times.  
Comment: I accessed the app through a late model iPhone, and the pane kept freezing and wouldn’t scroll especially if I opened the word list or translation section. This was very frustrating.

User review

Two out of five stars

Bronwyn Drysdale, Taumarunui  
I liked that the app has multiple language options. However, the 'About me' section asks for personal information and may stop women engaging further with the app. As a midwife trying to review the material in this app from a midwifery lens and then promote the app is difficult because I can't show women info without filling in about me section. I am also a health promoter for Maternal Green Prescription in Hutt Valley and Wairarapa, and we have a lot of Pasifika women referred to our programme.

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