In-depth reviews about the TALK puberty app.

Clinical review

Four out of five stars

: Dr Alice Miller, GP locum, FRNZCGP, Wellington
Date of review: January 2021
Comments: The app is aimed at parents and teachers to use with children (suggested age range 7–15 years). The app helps to raise topics that some people might find difficult to discuss with young people. It provides clear answers to questions that children might have about changes to their body and feelings around puberty, including why they happen and how to cope with some common concerns. The app provides open ended questions for discussion about growing up. Supports a positive self-esteem and highlights normal differences between young people. It also increases awareness of identity differences, consent, sexual health and safety. There are links provided to more detailed resources about puberty.
Safety concerns: None.
New Zealand relevance: Suitable for the New Zealand audience, but be aware that one answer states to call 911 in emergency rather than 111 for New Zealand. 

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