In-depth reviews of the Squeezy NHS pelvic floor app (for women).

Clinical review

: Jeremy Steinberg, GP, RNZCGP
Date of review: September 2018
Comments: This app is useful for women with weak pelvic floors, especially those with incontinence. It is designed to help women do pelvic floor exercises, and it does this very well. It is particularly useful for women with stress incontinence. It allows for a self-guided or physiotherapist-guided exercise program, with extensive information, instructions and reminders. There is also a bladder diary section. It is very high quality and it appears that a great deal of effort has gone into its development. There is no free version available, but I think it is good value at $6.49.
The main downside that I could see was that there was no section on bladder retraining for those with urge incontinence.If you’re a man get the men’s version called “Squeezy Men." 
Safety concerns: No safety concerns. There is information about when you should see your doctor.
New Zealand relevance: The app is developed for the NHS in the UK, however it is still definitely relevant for the NZ context. It also has links to relevant organisations in NZ.    

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