In-depth reviews of the Speech Assistant AAC app.

Clinical review


Reviewer: Jo Tipping, Speech Language Therapist
Date of review: March 2017
Comment: This app is most useful for individuals with difficulties communicating verbally. This may be as a result of neurological disorder, developmental disorder or a voice disorder. The user or support person must be able to use the touch screen to type relevant messages, or choose from pre-programmed phrases created individually or in-built (text-to-speech). The user must be able to read at single-word/short phrase level in order to select the item to be verbalised. With correct use, individuals will be able to use an automated voice to communicate their thoughts, wants and ideas that they have entered into the display. This voice acts as an alternate to the individuals own voice. There are both female and male voices available to choose from.
Safety concerns: No safety concerns however it may take some time for an individual to enter their commonly used phrases in order for this app to be efficient in a conversation. 
New Zealand relevance: There are no NZ voices available on this app.

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