Clinical review

Reviewer: Frances Arenhold, Registered Dietitian
Date of review: March 2023
Platform: Android
Version: 2.1.2
Comments: This app is useful for users introducing foods to their babies and toddlers. It provides reliable and evidence informed written and visual information. The app is a good tool to use when seeking further information and support in regards to first foods, especially once eating has been introduced and established around 7 to 8 months.
Safety concerns: The app provides information on “Baby-led weaning”. Currently, the Ministry of Health does not recommend baby-led weaning. More research is required on baby-led weaning to establish if it is a developmentally and nutritionally safe practice. All babies develop at different rates and their capacity to manage food varies. Users should consider the skill of their baby and tailor food accordingly rather than solely rely on the app recommendations. The app does provide useful guidance on food related choking risk. The contents of the app are more appropriate for babies who are established on first foods, one to two months after foods have been introduced.
New Zealand relevance: Yes, especially those who have already introduced and established eating, around seven to eight months old.
Concerns: It is unclear what is considered when determining the nutrition rating of the foods and this rating should be considered with caution.