Clinical review

: Rachel Massey, Registered Psychologist
Date of review: April 2023
Comments: This online cognitive behavioural therapy course (CBT) focusses on social anxiety. It is a web module part of the Just a Thought website, which offers other CBT courses including OCD, Depression and Staying on Track During a Pandemic. Just a Thought was modelled after a well-known and evidence-based Australian programme called This Way Up, with improvements and modifications for the New Zealand context.
It is written using friendly and engaging language, reinforced by the use of realistic characters and examples.
CBT is known to be an effective treatment approach, and the course states that 80% of people who complete the course feel better, and 50% are no longer troubled by social anxiety. However, online courses run the risk of non-completion without supervision, and given the large amount of information provided, users may find it overwhelming when completing as self guided. It is likely to work well with the support and monitoring of a mental health professional, and a good focus between reviews with a health professional/in conjunction with therapy. The user would need to share their login/password to allow a third party to monitor their progress.
Overall, it is a high-quality engaging course which allows the user to develop a sound understanding of social anxiety, and how it can be effectively treated with a CBT approach. The lessons allow the user to practise and further develop skills, as well as plan for relapses.
New Zealand relevance: Yes.
Safety concerns: None.