In-depth reviews of the Sobriety Counter – Stop Drinking (EasyQuit) app.

Clinical review

Reviewer: Dr Peter Ou, GP and Clinical Editor, Auckland Regional HealthPathways
Date of review: April 2021
Comments: This app is mainly useful for users who have issues with their drinking and are determined to stop drinking, or have already stopped drinking, and want to stay sober. The app has a 'helpful tips' menu with advice on reducing the impact of stressors and triggers associated with alcohol use and cessation. The mini game within the menu 'Beat an urge' can help to distract users from alcohol consumption. This app doesn't have psychological support or advice for people who are undecided on drinking cessation, and is therefore less useful to users who are in early stages of contemplating drinking cessation or reduction. 
Safety concerns: None.
New Zealand relevance: Yes – relevant to New Zealand users. The app defaults to the Euro currency when installed; however, it can be changed to dollars, although this isn't easy to find as it is in the last menu (Settings > Quitting Data). It would be better if the app had an introduction to quick set when the user first opens it.     

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