In-depth reviews of the Self-help App for the Mind (SAM).

Clinical review

Two out of five stars

Reviewer: Kris Garstang, Clinical Psychologist, Life Mind Psychology
Date of review: April 2022
Version: 1.1.0              
Platform: Android 
Comments: I don’t think this app is useful for those wanting tools to self-manage symptoms of anxiety and depression. Although it does contain some useful information about strategies, these are difficult to find and the content is unreliable in its quality. It does not have an evidence base and there are apps on the market that are much more interactive than this one, which tends to give written instructions for strategies, rather than interactive ways to practice them. It also seemed to me that this app has had limited clinical input in its latest iteration as some instructions for coping tools are incorrect. The only really interactive exercises provided are broken or have limited functionality, making it a frustrating experience for the user.
NZ relevance: The Unable to Cope section of this App relates solely to UK based support. The links supplied to others pages and agencies all relate to UK material and experiences.
Safety concerns
: The emergency contact sections for this app are difficult to find and are all UK based. Instructions for accessing emergency support are confusing. Moderation of the community forum appears infrequent. 

Clinical review


Robynann Dyson, Primary Health Nurse, Whangarei
Date of review: October 2017
Comments: The app is easy to use and relevant. It allows the user to gain a deeper understanding into anxiety, its triggers and management. It is a bit wordy at times, although with familiarity of the app, this is negated.
Safety concerns: None
New Zealand relevance: Fine

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