In-depth reviews of the Sanvello – stress & anxiety app.

Clinical review

Free version: 
Two out of five stars

Paid version:

Jeremy Steinberg, GP, FRNZCGP
Date of review: April 2018
Comments: This app is  most useful for people with stress, depression and anxiety. Pacifica uses techniques from cognitive behavioural therapy and mindfulness to help improve anxiety and depression. The tools in the app are well structured, interactive and easy to use, however the free version is quite limited. There are no studies of the effectiveness of the app itself, but the tools it uses are evidence based. There is a community board and chat groups to find support, but these did not seem to be extensively monitored. It can also be used to track generic health goals such as exercise, medication and sleep in a limited way. 
Safety concerns: It doesn’t suggest calling someone if you are feeling awful or link to crisis support services.
New Zealand relevance: No link to New Zealand crisis support services.    

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