In-depth reviews of the Recovery Record app.

User review

 Member of the public, Tauranga, February 2021 
Comments: Covers most types of disordered eating with a comprehensive range of tools and strategies. Makes tracking progress easy.   

Clinical review

: Ashleigh Jackson (Specialist eating disorder dietitian); Sylvia Pyatt (Specialist eating disorder dietitian)
Date of review: August 2018
Comments: This is a well-established app that is specifically created for users who are recovering from an eating disorder. It is most useful for people who are wanting to restore to regular eating patterns while they are recovering/in recovery from an eating disorder (Anorexia Nervosa, Bulimia Nervosa and EDNOS).
Note: This app is not suitable to be used as a primary treatment for an eating disorder, rather to use adjunct eating disorder treatment with registered health professionals. Users may also gain a further understanding of their eating patterns and thoughts and feelings.
The app is useful because it allows users to see graphical representation of food intake, and eating disorder behaviours over time. 
Safety concerns: Clinicians can see in real time their clients eating which could breach their confidentiality. Clinicians would need to have clear set boundaries with their clients around data recorded and frequency of checking in.
New Zealand relevance: The app is created with a North American user group focus. The find support function is not applicable to New Zealand users.

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