In-depth reviews of the Pressure Ulcer Guide app.

Clinical review

: Jeremy Steinberg, GP, FRNZCGP
Date of review: January 2020
Version: 1.3 
Comments: This app, last updated 5 years ago, provides generally accurate but non-comprehensive information about pressure ulcers and their prevention (but less so about treatment). The paid version provides images with better resolution and links to free YouTube videos (some of which are no longer working). The app also has an inbuilt calculator to determine pressure ulcer risk (Braden Score). However, it does not explain how to use the tool appropriately and, in fact, pressure ulcer risk assessment tools are no better than clinical judgement. One study concluded that resources are better spent on “careful daily skin inspection and improving management targeted at specific risks”.1 
Safety concerns: None.
New Zealand relevance: Relevant; no issues of concern. 


  1. Webster J, Coleman K, Mudge A, et al. Pressure ulcers: effectiveness of risk-assessment tools. A randomised controlled trial (the ULCER trial)(external link) BMJ Quality & Safety 2011;20:297-306.

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