Reviews: Pearl Fertility

In-depth reviews of the Pearl Fertility app.

Clinical review

 Dr Arna Letica, GP
Date of review: 
April 2021
Comments: Pearl Fertility app allows users to map their hormonal cycle by using purchased test kit (FSH and LH from urine sample each morning).  The app will notify users about their highly fertile days, information that potentially increases the likelihood of planned conception. This app is useful for females wishing to conceive, as they can monitor hormone levels, track their cycle and calculate their fertile window. It is also designed to be used by people with polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), who may have an irregular cycle. Overall I think this is a well-designed app which would be useful for females trying to conceive and wanting to optimise knowledge of their cycle and fertility awareness. The testing kits are a necessary additional expense, and Ovulation Detector kits are available from other providers so this could be an alternative. However, I think there are many users who will appreciate the ease and convenience of this app and the features it offers.
Safety concerns:
 None. This app specifically states it is not to be used for contraceptive purposes, and also advises users to seek medical advice if they have not conceived within 6 months.
New Zealand relevance:
 Yes, can be used by New Zealand users.

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