Clinical review

: Dr Phoebe Hunt, Medical Officer working in Sexual and Reproductive Health, Magma Healthcare
Date of review: July 2023
Platform: Apple
Version: iOS App2.7
Comments: This app has comprehensive surveys for recording PCOS and PMS symptoms, which some people may find useful. However, the surveys are quite time consuming and data can only be entered through these surveys. Data can be easily downloaded and shared, which may be helpful for sharing with healthcare providers. I think it is a reasonable app for symptom tracking if you have the time to enter the data required. However if you are wanting to gain more information about PCOS, this app is probably not the best choice as the information section is not easy to navigate.
New Zealand relevance: Yes. The app is generally relevant, however the information section is largely US-based, so there may be some variation in comparison with the New Zealand health system to what is available/recommended. Some of the surveys include information on blood glucose levels and testosterone levels, which many people may not have access to.