In-depth reviews of the Orientate app.

Clinical review

: Dr Tracey Pons (PhD), New Zealand Registered Physiotherapy Specialist
Date of review: July 2019
Comments: This is a laterality discrimination app for hands and feet with free access for initial 3 levels. Each level commences with easy and progresses with further difficulty. The beginner level is free but the intermediate and advanced levels have a cost to download. This app is most useful for a person who has had a stroke or limb amputation, or with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS), or who suffers persistent pain in a hand or foot. Users are likely to improve their ability to correctly discriminate left from right with limbs in different orientations.  
Safety concerns: No safety concerns. It is an ethical dilemma about data harvesting through apps. I have confirmed with the app developers that no data is accessed through the app; it is simply stored on one's own device. 
New Zealand relevance: Relevant.    

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