In-depth reviews of the mySysters Symptoms Tracker app.

Clinical review

Paid version

Two out of five stars

Free version

: Jeremy Steinberg, GP, FRNZCGP
Date of review: November 2019
Comments: This app has three sections. There is a tracking section, a blog article section and a forum.
The tracking section is free but doesn’t have many of the features common to this type of tool. The articles can be accessed for free from the website or via the app with the paid version. They are mostly opinion pieces with little medical information, and some may find the tone offensive. The forum requires paid access and has fewer features than a standard menopause Facebook group. 
Safety concerns: There is no apparent input from health professionals. Some concerns with the forum: it doesn’t appear to be moderated, although it is not very active, likely partly due to the cost barrier, with around 60-odd threads of varying quality. 
New Zealand relevance: Relevant to New Zealand users. 

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