In-depth reviews of the MyHealthyGut app.

Clinical review

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Reviewer: Jeremy Steinberg, GP, FRNZCGP
Date of review: May 2019
Comments: This app is primarily designed for people with celiac disease and gluten intolerance; however, it also has information about general gut health and irritable bowel syndrome. The app has a very useful and informative education. It is evidence based, extensively referenced and includes many very helpful tips on staying gluten free. The searchable food database is also very handy but it lacks barcode scanning. Free access gives you general gut education, recommended top 25 foods and 3 supplements, and a 1-day gluten free meal plan (4 recipes). The paid version (complete package) includes recommended top 50 foods and 10 supplements, a 7-day gluten free meal plan (24 recipes), a food and symptom tracker, a searchable safe-to-eat food database, and high quality information about ceoliac disease and gluten intolerance. 
Safety concerns: None.
New Zealand relevance: Imperial measurements are used.    

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