Reviews: Mush app

In-depth reviews of the Mush app.

Clinical review

Two out of five stars

: Dr Arna Letica, GP, FRNZCGP, Auckland
Date of review: 
April 2021
Comments: Mush was developed for mums, and offers a range of services including communities (advice and local meet-ups only in the UK) and informative articles. App is targeted towards Mums-to-be and already-Mums. Unfortunately, the app only covers the UK so there are no local New Zealand options. There are some useful articles on this app, including parenting and childcare tips, and discussion around work options (though again, these are not necessarily NZ-applicable). Users can ask questions on a forum, and there is (paid) access to ‘parenting experts’  and expert tips.
Safety concerns:
New Zealand relevance:
 Not relevant to New Zealand users. This app’s main limitation is not having an NZ option. Without local options for chat, meet-ups, swap/buy/sell and work options, I didn’t find it very useful.

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