In-depth reviews of the Musculoskeletal (MSK) Self-Care app.

Clinical review

: Dr Tracey Pons (PhD), New Zealand Registered Physiotherapy Specialist
Date of review: August 2019
Comments: This app can benefit a person who experiences joint pain or stiffness in one or more body site. It provides information for the self-management of hip, back, neck, all upper limb and all lower limb joint pain or stiffness, such as how to reduce pain and stiffness as well as the provision of videos for a gentle range of motion or stretching exercises. The app is easy to operate. The information is appropriate, current and accurate. There is unlikely to be privacy breaches of the person using it. It is not likely to be a source of security threat. The only likelihood would be if the NHS of Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland’s partnership organisation were to be hacked or attacked by ransomware. The app also gives information about how to contact the app developer and commissioner. This is very good. I have not given it a 5 rating as it provided links to only 2 websites which cannot be called ‘a collection’. 
Safety concerns: None. 
New Zealand relevance: Relevant to a New Zealand audience but the app does state that it is aimed primarily for use by patients registered with a GP practice in Leicester, Leicestershire & Rutland (United Kingdom), particularly with respect to the directory of services and websites.    

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