Clinical review

: Peter Ou, GP, FRNZCGP, Auckland
Date of review: September 2021
Comments: Manaaki Ora is a simple app that help users screen for symptoms of depression and its effects on daily life. The app also help users to connect with the Māori model of health Te Whare Tapa Whā and create goals to recover. The app is most useful for users who are having a difficult time including those who are unsure if they may be suffering from depression. It can also benefit users who know people who are having a hard time and may be suffering from depression. Users can gain insight into the symptoms of depression, create goals to help recover from depression and build a network of contact and support services. Overall this is a good, easy-to-use app that helps to connect with Māori users and may be very beneficial to those who struggle to reach out to healthcare professionals for support.
Safety concerns: None – this app is made more accessible to Māori users through the use of te reo Māori and the Te Whare Tapa Whā
New Zealand relevance: Yes, relevant to a New Zealand audience.    

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