Clinical review

: Chris Lawrence, Community Physiotherapist
Date of review: July 2023
Platform: Android (Needs Android 7.0 or greater to operate)
Version: 4.7.0 (Updated 26/5/23)
Comments: This app is a well-designed and helpful app- for the people of Leicestershire. For that population, the app is effective and will accompany face-to-face supports well. For users in NZ, the app is limited in its effectiveness. There is a ten-minute video that gives some sound advice, which will provide some benefit for users wanting to prevent falls.
Safety concerns: Safety concerns are well addressed in this app. There are good safety precautions around the use of rails/bench for support. The exercises are pitched at an appropriate level for people who are at raised risk of falls.
New Zealand relevance: No.
Concerns: There are several sections of the app that are not relevant to a NZ audience- such as the personalised exercise programme (for UK users only) and the LPT Falls Service. Some of the advice in the ‘advice and recommendations’ section is relevant, but some of this is not necessarily true in a New Zealand context, such as advertising free eye checks for over 65s. There is a 10-minute video that can be viewed from NZ, and gives some relevant information. However, this is the one relevant section of the app.