In-depth reviews of the INR log app.

Clinical review

: Angela Lambie, Pharmacist, Auckland
Date of review: August 2019
Comments: This app is a simple way to keep track of your INR results and warfarin dose. It has optional reminders to take warfarin tablets and to have an INR blood test. INR results are displayed in a graph which is useful to check if they are within the target range and to monitor trends over time. Results can be prepared into a printable report to email to self or nominated GP. Overall this is a very simple and clear tool to help people to take their warfarin at the right dose and on time.
Safety concerns: None, but relies on data being correctly entered.
New Zealand relevance: Relevant to New Zealand users – the app was developed in New Zealand. Marevan is the most commonly used brand of warfarin in New Zealand. Not all the strengths of Coumadin tablets in the app are available in New Zealand. There is a caution reminding users to be careful when selecting their tablets – different colours are used in different countries.      

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