Healthcare services apps

Apps about some healthcare services in New Zealand

Healthcare services apps


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App Description

Emergency Q app 

An app for people with non-emergency problems who need care after hours or those unable to get an appointment with their GP. 
Country of origin: New Zealand

The app forecasts wait plus treatment times for non-emergency patients at specific hospital emergency departments and accident and emergency clinics in some areas around New Zealand such as:
  • Waitematā DHB (North Shore Hospital)
  • Counties Manukau DHB (Middlemore Hospital)
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Zoom Health app

An app to make ordering your prescriptions from New Zealand-based ZOOM Pharmacy easier.
  • Medication dispensed online
  • Medicine delivery
  • Daily reminders
  • Repeat or refill alerts
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Other apps that may be of interest

The following are examples of other apps that provide information on health or health-related services in New Zealand.
Note: these apps have not been reviewed by Healthify.

App Description

NZ Blood Service Donor app(external link)

An app that enables users to search for a place to donate blood, look up your donation history and book your next whole blood or plasma appointment.
Country of origin: New Zealand

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