In-depth reviews of the Headspace app.

Clinical review

Reviewer: Jodie Black, Counselling Psychologist, University of Otago
Date of review: November 2017
Comments: Mediation can assist in a number of ways including regulating breathing, relaxing, reducing stress and assisting with conditions including anxiety, depression cancer and chronic pain. Like most things that are good for us meditation is only useful if we practice regularly. Headspace offers reminders to keep users on track and a range of packs to allow people to try different types of mediation and find the one that works best for them. The app is visually appealing and engaging, easy to use, has great introductory videos to get people started and a good range of single and themed packs. It is suitable for all ages and all levels of experience and provides “SOS” meditations for when stress is high and provides content tailored specifically for kids. However full content is only unlocked on subscription.
Safety concerns: Some people can find meditation uncomfortable initially, particularly if they are not used to sitting still with their thoughts and feelings. This app doesn’t really offer advice to the few people that may experience this or where to seek further support.
New Zealand relevance: The audio tracks recorded with a UK accent, although all content should be easily followed by all New Zealanders.

User review 

: Anonymous, NZ
Date of review: November 2018
Comments: It has helped me enormously and has improved my life. 

User review 

Reviewer: Kylie H
Date of review: April 2018
Comments: The app has good training videos, great reminders, good experience guiding voice. It also has multiple selections e.g. basics, sleep, kids, health: managing anxiety, stress, depression, pregnancy, coping with cancer, pain management. brave: grief, regret anger, change, happiness, relationships, patience, happiness, work & performance etc.

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