Clinical review

: Rachel Massey, Registered Psychologist
Date of review: November 2022
Comments: This online cognitive behavioural therapy course (CBT) focuses on Generalised Anxiety Disorder (GAD). The lessons are formatted in a comic book style with six different stories based on one case example, followed by a lesson users complete, ending with a relevant Tools and Tips session. It is written using friendly and engaging language, and the use of a case study combines to create a personable feel. CBT is known to be an effective treatment approach, however online courses run the risk of non-completion without supervision, and given the large amount of information provided, users may find it overwhelming when completing as self guided. In the lesson section, answers are not saved, and the user is prompted to record their answers elsewhere. This may create a barrier to completing exercises which are important in practising skills. Overall, it is a high-quality engaging course which allows the user to develop a sound understanding of what GAD is, and how it can be effectively treated with the explained CBT approach.
New Zealand relevance: It is available to anyone residing in New Zealand or the Pacific Island nations.
Safety concerns: No. There is a helpful tab that appears on the top right corner of each page titled ‘get urgent help’ which provides users with crisis service details

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