Clinical review

: Lena Cooke, Community Pharmacist
Date of review: February 2023
Platform: Android
Version: 1.50
Comments: This is a great app for people wanting to learn more about how to effectively manage their eczema. Being able to look at the relationship between triggers and flareups provides invaluable information and the app uses nice graphs and images to help display this information. Patients can track eczema severity, quality of life and symptoms. Having a care regimen entered is useful, however as it is not a NZ designed app some of the pre-populated treatments are not available or funded in NZ. There is some great self-help information included in the app – e.g. how to avoid dry skin and apply moisturiser effectively. Overall, a useful app with lots of great features.
Safety concerns: No
New Zealand relevance: Yes. Not NZ specific but much of the information is relevant to patients with eczema in NZ. Not all treatment options funded or readily available in NZ.