In-depth reviews of the Concussion Tracker app.

Clinical review


Reviewer:  Chris Lawrence, Community Physiotherapist 
Date of review: September 2022
Platform: Android
Version: 3.3.0
Comments: Concussion Tracker app provides assessment, information and clinical direction for people who have suffered a concussion. There are different options within this app for individual athletes/patients, and for coaches/trainers of teams. The app gives users basic concussion education and rehabilitation advice. This includes a combination of fact sheets and videos. In addition users can do neurocognitive testing. This will be especially beneficial for those that have the opportunity to perform baseline testing before a concussion (likely as part of a team, directed towards the app). Users are directed towards local providers connected into the CCMI network, which a patient can then be booked into. Overall, this is a comprehensive app, especially with no cost associated. This will provide users the opportunity to have some basic testing done, and monitor progress. This app will be most useful for coaches of teams, and for those who have the opportunity to use the app before a concussion occurs, to later compare results. It should be acknowledged that a screen tolerance of around 30 minutes is recommended to be able to use the app safely. It is also acknowledged that the app does not provide a list of those providers that hold the ACC Concussion contract.
Safety concerns: It is acknowledged that after concussion, people can have a reduced screen tolerance. If someone is using this app for the first time after concussion, there is a set up process, and then the time needed to complete the neurocognitive test (advertised as 15-20 minutes; took the concussion-free reviewer 22 minutes). Unfortunately, there seem to be no options to pause testing, and this long screen time could have the potential to increase symptoms. A warning prior to testing would be helpful.
New Zealand relevance: The app provides the details of local clinics that are connected into the CCMI network. However, this is not an exhaustive list, and it is not clear how these particular clinics have been chosen. As an example, in Auckland, it does not provide any details for the 7 providers who hold the ACC Concussion contract (ABI, APM,Axis, Geneva Healthcare, Habit, Proactive, TBI). It is understandable that the producers of the app have made this decision to link in with their pre-existing network of those who have completed the programme, however, this is not well described.

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