Clinical reviews

Clinical review

Reviewer: Leigh O’Brien, Consultant Dietitian
Date of review: November, 2022
Platform: Android
Comment: Cara Care was not particularly useful as it wasn't easy to figure out how to enter the foods and the pop up food suggestions did not apply to the foods I was selecting. It would be somewhat beneficial to those who want to to monitor, levels of stress, sleep activity and GI and not GI symptoms to see if there were differences between days. However, it was not the most user friendly app. 
Safety concerns: It has pop up health warnings for the various health warnings.  There are inconsistencies between them – ie malnutrition is stated as a health concern for ulcerative colitis but not Crohn’s disease.  Also, leaky gut is listed as a health condition whereas it is not recognised as such. 
New Zealand relevance: It did not list common NZ medications such as probiotics



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