In-depth reviews of the Breathesimple app.

Clinical review

: Dr Peter Ou, GP, FRNZCGP, Auckland
Date of review: November 2021
Comments: Breathesimple is an app to assist in improving breathing related conditions such as sleep apnoea, snoring, stress, and asthma.

The free portion of the app provides the user with access to a 4-day Breathing Basics Course. In this course, the user is taught the benefits of correct breathing techniques and how this can be achieved through breathing exercises and training. At the end of the 4-day course, a free report is provided comparing user’s current breathing behaviour to what is expected. Users are able to create a personalised course once they’ve completed the Breathing Basics Course.

The premium version gives users access to daily breathing training sessions for better breathing methods and relaxation.
Note: Reviewed the Stress/Anxiety program
Safety concerns: None.
New Zealand relevance: Yes. Users have to input their height and weight in imperial units. 

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