Clinical review


: Victoria Lai, Advanced Clinician ICU (Physiotherapist), PNZ Cardiorespiratory Special Interest Group; WDHB
Date of review: January 2022
Comments: This app would be most useful for someone wanting to focus on their breathing for meditation or relaxation, as well as those who have been given breathing instructions from a physiotherapist. This app will help the user to be certain they are breathing at the pace they are aiming to breathe at, and to focus on their breathing exercises. The app is easy to use but does not have a diary for users to record how they managed, no feedback if they are actually breathing to the rate set. 
Safety concerns: Not particularly, however I would advise that someone seeks professional advice of a physiotherapist or similar to guide them on suitable breath times for inspiration and expiration. This should not be used in someone who is acutely unwell or short of breath without instruction. 
New Zealand relevance: Yes - relevant to a NZ audience.  

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