Clinical review

: Vanessa Simpson BHSc (Physiotherapy), NZRP. Senior Vestibular and Neurological Physiotherapist and Educator. Owner of Vertigo Balance Clinic.
Lisa Goulart, Ba Audiology & Speech and Language Therapy. Audiologist and Director at New Zealand Dizziness and Balance Centre and at Goulart Hearing.
Tania Linford MNZAS, BSc, Maud, PGDip Couns. Senior Clinical Audiologist. Owner and operator of Tinnitus Relief Limited.
Date of review: July 2023
Platform: Apple
Version: 1.0
Comments: The primary or target audience for this app is healthcare professionals who are involved in the treatment of BPPV.  BPPV Relief app has been highly recommended by healthcare professionals, physicians and specialists in Aotearoa New Zealand to support the diagnosis and treatment of benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV), with verbal and visual guidance through manoeuvres.

The physician may recommend this app to the patient for support performing the manoeuvres at home. The information provided is accurate and based on solid research.
Please note: As clearly stated in this app, it is essential that vertigo, dizziness and other balance disorders are properly and fully assessed and diagnosed by a medical professional or specialist, and their advice is followed, prior to users attempting to use vertigo apps.

New Zealand relevance: Yes – but only available in English.
Concerns: None, if used by patients under the recommendation and guidance of their healthcare provider.