In-depth reviews of the Blood Glucose Tracker app.

Clinical review

Reviewer: Kaye Boyd, Diabetes Specialty Nurse, Bay of Plenty District Health Board
Date of review: July 2016 
: This app is useful for people who want to test their blood glucose levels. A potential benefit of the app is that it enables easy access to blood glucose levels if glucose meter is unavailable. New technology which may encourage people to test blood glucose regularly.    
Safety concerns: The graph, which is the most evident display doesn't have time of the day or actual blood glucose levels and could be misleading.  
New Zealand relevance: The units of measure for blood sugar, A1C and weight can be customised to the units used in New Zealand — blood sugar in mmol/L, A1C in % and weight in kilograms. The medications are listed by generic name — many but not all are available in New Zealand. 

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