In-depth reviews of the Beyond Type 1 app.

Clinical review

Four out of five stars

Reviewer: Emma Shields, New Zealand Registered Dietitian 
Date of review: February 2021
Comments: Beyond Type 1 app is most useful for anyone impacted by type 1 diabetes who wants an online space to connect with others who know what it’s like to live with type 1 diabetes. Talking about and relating to other people living with diabetes can bring positive changes. This app aims to highlight not only people living with type 1 diabetes, but thriving with it. Users can connect with people from all over the world, as well as other people in their local area. There are similar challenges faced by people living with type 1 diabetes no matter where they live and this app is creating a global community.
Safety concerns: Many people with diabetes find it useful to share experiences and learn from each other. But what works for one person may not work for another and it's important people do not substitute advice from their healthcare team.

The Community Guidelines and Expectations tell people to avoid giving medical advice to others and reminds people that personal experience is not the same as medical advice. Users can report something that they think violates the community guidelines and the admin team will review these. It is not clear if the app has any health professionals monitoring the posts.

Because the app includes global users and there are a range of differences in diabetes management by country, some of the experiences shared may be less relevant or accurate for people living with type 1 diabetes in New Zealand. This could add to the confusion, especially for people newly diagnosed.
New Zealand relevance: This app allows users to connect to people in their local area. In 2018 Diabetes NZ took over the Beyond Type 1 social media channels. They also partnered with Beyond Type 1 to run a diabetic ketoacidosis awareness campaign. Read more(external link).

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