User review

Reviewer: Health Professional, Auckland
Date of review: December 2022
Comments: This is a best app for keeping track of alcohol intake. I have found it invaluable for helping me decide whether I really want that drink. Easy to use.

Clinical review

Reviewer:  Julie Carter, Community Liaison Dietitian, Auckland District Health Board
Date of review: July 2016
Comments: This app is useful for people who are motivated to track their alcohol intake and it's likely effects, including estimated time until sober again. While the blood alcohol concentration (BAC) level estimates used are not detailed, the graphical representation of consecutive alcoholic drinks is effective, especially if the local legal BAC level is entered into the settings. This could give some loose guidance in determining safety to perform some activities, and when the user is expected to be sober again. 
Safety concerns: The app does not outline details of the calculations or guidelines used to estimate Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) levels so I am unsure as to the accuracy of these estimates
New Zealand relevance: Relevant to New Zealand users